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Cold & Flu Season?

The Champ
Here is our tough little guy getting through his first cough/cold like a champ. He is smiling through it all. We are so lucky.  He is just over a year old and hasn't really ever been sick. Until now.  The first night he coughed so hard that he threw up. He HATED that and wanted to be held all night.  He is quickly on the mend and aside from a runny nose & a little coughing at night, he is the same cheerful little boy!  In this picture that his daddy took of him bundled up to go out to get some fresh air you can't tell he is sick boy.  As a child when I was sick, I was a fussy mess. NOT our boy.  I just hope & pray that I don't get sick.  I  am NOT a champ when I get sick.  I'm glad that our boy doesn't take after me in that sense! It's odd because I was a champ during labor & delivery - but with colds & flu, forget it.

I am hoping that you all escape cold & flu season this year!


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