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More Mommy Moments

Another kiddo moment...Our son is talking a bit now and today at Church whenever it grew quiet (after music would stop, etc) he found it necessary to announce "No More" in his biggest little voice.  When daddy would sit he would grab daddy by the neck and while trying to lift his dad would demand "UP". least he doesn't cry or throw a fit during Mass...

We sit with the general congregation NOT in the "cry" room.  We are always mindful to walk him out if he becomes fussy. Luckily - that rarely happens. I think it helps that he is familiar  as we have been taking him since he was only a few days old and consistently over the past 14 months.  I have a feeling though that it might become more difficult as he gets a bit older.  I hope that we don't exiled into the cry room...


  1. Haha! Too cute. When my bro was little, he was on our mom's lap in the back of the church. He grabbed her boobs and loudly announced, "Mommy, you have two big tummies right here!" This was followed by uncontrollable snickering from those sitting around us. :) Kids in church are cute, so hopefully they let you stay. The cry room sounds like it might be really loud...

  2. Awesome that he participates! It is the hardest thing for us to mobilize our family every Sunday for church--we're lucky if we make it on time!


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