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BlogHer '11: My 15 Minutes of Fame

Today I read a tweet entitled: BlogHer Conference Update -- August 12, 2011 | BlogHer.  Cool.  Since I attended the conference, I wanted to read the write up.  I open up the attachment and lo and behold!  I see my face!  Admittedly, it is not the most flattering of photos since I am clearly in mid-speech!  I was telling my new blog buddies what I blog about.  I am thrilled all the same.  What a great souvenir of my BlogHer moment!

Asher-Sears Photography
I am now able to cross "Have my photo on front page of BlogHer website" off of the bucket list! It's already quickly being bumped lower and lower on the page as more posts are put up. But at least it was up there at ONE point. I'm giddy!

Also pictured is Nicole Aro of  The Sunlight Foundation which is a non-profit.  I met a few ladies that are involved with non-profit organizations.  She was kind enough to ask if I wanted company at breakfast since I was eating alone.  It touched me even more that she came up to me because there were PLENTY of other empty tables available.

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  1. That's Awesome!!!

    How did everything go? I have been dying to find out from you :)

  2. Thanks ladies! It was a good experience. I was a little conflicted though since I felt some mommy guilt being away from our son. I didn't partake in the famous parties of BlogHer, instead I rushed home to my family. Jenny, I am planning to write all about my experiences but just haven't been able to settle down and get a post completed. Soon though. Please stay tuned.

  3. So fab! Just got my tixs for BlogHer '12 held in NYC...hope to see you there!

  4. @ Gina @ NYC sounds like FUN. I'm not sure yet if I will be attending. I'll definitely let you know if I do! I went solo this year & think it might've been an even better experience with a blog buddy!


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