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Wordless Wednesday : New Mommy Moment

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  1. I love baby-wearing too, its so awesome for bonding!

  2. Oh I just love that picture Cynthia!!

  3. Great picture! Baby wearing is such a positive experience for mom and baby. You guys are beautiful!

  4. @ Ana Agreed!

    @ Grumpy Greatful Mom Thank you. It is one of my favorites.

    @ Lindsay Thank you. I'm so happy that my hubby captured this moment.

    @ E @ Act Fast Chef Thank you. I cherish those early days of motherhood.

    @ MamiCyn I loved it. Thank you for your kind compliment! I am so happy that you stopped by.
    Ladies -

    THANK YOU so much for taking time out of your busy day to share your words. You ALL made me smile.


  5. Hello darling! I've passed the Blog on Fire award to you...TWICE! Go to to check it out. : )

  6. @ Lindsay Thank you for picking me! 2x's even. You really are rad! Thank you, thank you, thank you friend!

  7. My husband and I really want to attend comic-con one day. Since we have a boy, Matt wants to go even more. They will most likely be in some costume and I will be walking a few steps behind them pretending I came alone, lol

  8. @ cssolomon That would be fun for you guys! My hubby (actually most of my family on both sides) go every year. I've been but sometimes the crowds can be overwhelming for me. Next year our son is going, in costume too no doubt.

  9. Oh how I miss carrying my sleeping baby in a sling, I did this with both of my babies and it creates such a special closeness. I melt inside when I see others with their babies in a sling - beautiful!



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