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Our Growing Boy

We are the parents of a 13 month old boy who seems to be growing by the minute.  Since we were the last of our friends and family that have entered the parenting arena, we are lucky enough that our loved ones have gifted us smartly.  For our baby shower and our sons birthday party our friends and family gave very thoughtful and useful items.  Especially when it came to clothing items.  Just the right sizes for him to grow into.  Experienced parents just know exactly what would be most helpful to new parents & a new baby.  Up until now we haven't really had to shop much.  Our son had received so many clothing items that we were covered for his first year of his life.  So much that  we really need to invest in a larger storage system for just his clothes. We are now finding that we have to shop more since he quickly outgrows EVERYTHING.  Items tagged for 18 to 24 mo olds are starting to need replacements...the things that were given to him to "grow into" are dwindling!  He is already into most of them.  Mom & Dad will now have to shop more often for baby clothes.  It can be quite an adventure.  I do enjoy shopping for outfits for our little guy.  There are so many really cute outfits to choose from.  I can only imagine the fun that moms of daughters must have!

Since he does outgrow things so fast I try to find the best deals that I can.  We always gift his outgrown items (which are usually nearly new and worn just a few times) or donate them.  No need to store them "just in case" we have another boy.  Some people that we know have done that but we don't have the space to store an accumulation of clothes and would rather it be put to use than put away.

Baby clothes are fun to shop for and so are accessories!  For our Maui trip I had the best time shopping for baby sunglasses, hats, and beachwear!  Toys are another beast altogether. Our son has received SO MANY TOYS.  Is there such a thing as too many?!  YES!  Soon it will be time to find new homes for his toys.  It won't be too tough now since he hasn't really developed any attachments to any one particular thing. BUT as he gets older I'm sure it will turn into a battle.


  1. I'm always amazed how many clothes they go through when they're little. You're smart to get rid of everything. We have tons of stuff that needs to be donated.

  2. @ Grumpy Grateful Mom It's tough though when it's time to get rid of things. Seeing his tiny clothes and remembering how little he was. All of those memories in such a little amount of time. People weren't kidding when they told me that time passes so fast when they are little. I was just telling my husband how it made me a little sad. I have kept a few pieces because I couldn't get myself to part with them.


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