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Making Friends Monday

I'll admit: I'm not a blog hopper. But things can change. There's a first time for everything!  I've never really participated in one but this time I thought I'd give it a try since my girl Sweaty is featured as this week's spotlight!  I wanted to show some love & support so here goes! Please click the Making Friends Monday icon for more details on the hop.

While you are at it, check out Do Sweat the Small Stuff (If you don't already follow her). 

I hope that you all have a great Monday and hope that you check out the hop. You never know, you just might make a couple of new friends!


  1. I've started to have fun with blog hopping. At first I was a little unsure about it wondering if new followers would be actual readers, but so far it hasn't been too bad and I've made some really nice blogger buddies. I'll go check out your featured friend! Happy Hopping :)

  2. J'aime vraiment votre article. J'ai essaye de trouver de nombreux en ligne et trouver le v?tre pour être la meilleure de toutes.

    Mon francais n'est pas tres bon, je suis de l'Allemagne.

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  3. @ Luana I'm still deciding if I like hops or not. I'm glad that you have been having fun. Maybe I just need to give it a fair chance.

  4. @ Anonymous - Merci pour le compliment. Désolé Mon francais n'est pas tres bon...

    Merci de partager votre blog.


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