Favorite Thing Friday

SippyCupChroniclesFavoriteThingFridayFinally! It's Friday. Favorite thing: A FULL tank of gas. Driving home from work yesterday I found myself staring at the lowfuel [EMPTY] light. GREAT. I was too tired to go to the gas station so went straight home. Re-fueled this morning on the way into the office. Upside: full tank of gasoline. Downside: $55.74. Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Can you imagine it's like $1.20 per liter, it takes 4 liters to make a gallon, therefore averaging almost $4.80 a gallon here(PI)! No wonder there's so many people who opt for motorcycles...

  2. @ Rachel Joy It's never fun spending money on gasoline - I'd rather spend it on something fun! At least I don't have to fill up often since I am close to work. The last time I filled up was 7/13 and spend $56.23. At least this time the price went down a teeny tiny bit. LOL.

    I would be scared to ride on a motorcycle in PI traffic!

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