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Comic Con

Dear Luna,

I was moved by your comment in defense of your best friend and have decided to close the post. Good luck to you and your friend.

Thank you for visiting and commenting on this blog.


  1. Daaaang, I just read the little clips on your side bar from recent comments. Who knew your one blog about comic con / the ladies of Disney would ignite such an uproar. Hey if it makes you feel better, someone commented on a blog of mine about my parenting he read on yahoo I shouldn't say "no" to my 15 month old that gets into EVERYTHING. Do you know how to reason with a 15 month old? Me neither. :) You're still a super awesome mom!

  2. @ cssolomon Thanks. It just was NOT the point that I was trying to make. The more I tried to clarify the more off topic it became. In the end I figure that if someone was really that hurt (which was not at all my intent) it wasn't worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


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