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BlogHer '11: Cynthia The Superhero?! "Shoe To The Rescue"

I have no claim to Superhero powers but with help from Naturalizer and MyBlogSpark that could all change!  Imagine ME coming to the rescue of my fellow Bloggers at THE event of the Summer: BlogHer 2011, which just so happens to be hosted in my lovely hometown of San Diego! When I received the invitation to be one of the select bloggers chosen to participate in the Naturalizer "Shoe to the Rescue" contest, I was doing backflips! I am absolutely thrilled to participate for a chance to win a sponsorship to the event.

I am going to be a "first timer" to this event so you can imagine my nervous excitement! I have been doing my research by catching up with seasoned conference pros such as Parenting by Dummies.  With her lovely post a few months ago: Dumb Mom’s Guide. Making the Most of Blog Conferences, I feel like I have the inside scoop on what to expect. Like a nervous girl attending her first day of high school, so many thoughts crowded my head.  It can be intimidating attending an event of this magnitude as a newbie!  Naturally, the thought of "what to wear" was tops on my list.  I'll be experimenting with a few different looks! I'll try to post what I come up with!

I really find comfort in having an "assignment" should I be selected. What better way to ease the nerves AND make friends by being a helpful hero?!  I would be on the lookout for BlogHer conference attendees who are wearing uncomfortable shoes and coming to her "rescue" with an emergency pair of  the Naturalizer Violette!  Trust me - it will be obvious who needs help!  From experience, I know what an uncomfortable walk looks like!
BlogHer 2011-Naturalizer "Shoe To The Rescue"
I love the details! Style + Comfort!

Ladies, please channel your good Karma my way and cross your figers (and toes!) that I am selected for the opportunity to rescue those in need!  I'll have more than a "band-aid" for blisters - I'll be armed with a cute, comfy pair of stylish Naturalizer footwear for relief!

Click on the thumbnails for more information on these styles:

This fabulous opportunity was presented to me by Naturalizer and the Brown Shoe Company, through MyBlogSpark.  This post serves as my entry to win a sponsorship for my attendance to the 2011 BlogHer Conference.

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  1. Oh--good luck! That sounds fun! I know if I was there you would definitely notice my shoes. Most of them are not in the best shape!

  2. @ Grumpy Grateful Mom Thanks, I need all of the luck that I can get! I hate to be a pessimist, but I'm not very lucky at winning things - I'm just glad for a chance (how ever so slight that it is).

    I myself have some pretty tired shoes that I just can't seem to retire. A bit on the shabby side BUT oh SO COMFY.

    Thank you for stopping by.


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