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BlogHer '11 and ME

I'm Going to BlogHer '11Guess who's going to BlogHer '11?!  I am!  I have been dreaming of going for some time now.  I'll be a first timer.  My husband knew how badly I wished to go and offered to pay my registration fees.  Truly sweet of him but I wanted to make my way there without him buying my way in.  I have been getting my feet wet again in the blogging arena since I had dropped the habit back in 2004.  I  couldn't quite justify the cost.  Especially since I have been a bit directionless.  OK not directionless - just headed off into EXCESSIVE directions!  I'm all over the place when it comes to blogging.  I can't find my niche.  Quite honestly, I don't want one.  I don't want to be wedged into any one place no matter how much I'm told it is a necessity.  Maybe I'll change my ways once I have a few sessions under my belt at BlogHer.  I'm stubborn though - so I doubt it.  It's bad, but I don't always care what "experts" think.  I do what makes me happy.

I looked into doing sponsored posts as a means of  raising funds to spend on my BlogHer registration.  I do work outside of the home and earn a decent living but I refused to spend our family resources on my blogging venture.  So far I'm proud to say that I've earned a pretty penny dabbling in  Sponsored Blog Posts.  Enough in fact to cover the cost of registration PLUS a couple of cute outfits!  It's been a gratifying experience earning money doing something that I enjoy.  Especially since I would be doing it ANYWAY.

I was thrilled when I was invited to participate in a contest sponsored by Naturalizer Shoes & MyBlogSpark (Blog Post: BlogHer '11: Cynthia The Super Hero?!).  The prize?  An entry to win a sponsorship for my attendance to BlogHer '11 and to share some great shoes with conference attendees!

I even attempted to volunteer a few months ago.  The volunteer positions were all filled.  Apparently they fill up quickly.   Recently BlogHer re-opened their call for volunteers.  Of course I had to find out all I could about that.  They were only looking for a few spots to fill.

Today I registered for the conference.  The cost?  $0.  Lesson learned:  Where there is a will, there is a way! I've got to find a way to obtain a SmartPhone to use while at the convention!  My current phone is ultra low tech!  Do I have time before the conference to locate a sponsor for a SmartPhone and learn how to use one?!  That way I can leave my laptop at home.  If not, how about a sponsor for a stylish and comfortable laptop bag?!  Oooh....a clothing sponsor to help me with my BlogHer '11 "Look".  Maybe a company to offer new hair & make up?  I'm dreaming but like I said: Where there is a will, there is a way!


  1. That is great ... and good for you! Enjoy!

    Note I have moved to a new blog site I would appreciate a follow there - thanks!

  2. @ momof2 Hi Danielle. I am thrilled beyond belief. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know where to find you. :) How was the move over? I think about it sometimes but don't have the time/energy.


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