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Wordless Wednesday: "Pretend Pregnant"

Pregnant with a Pillow!

Halloween Costumes 2008



  1. OMG! I love, LUV, LOVE the penguin costume!!!

  2. This looks very realistic...are you sure it was pretend? ;)

  3. @ Savvy Practicality Cute, right?! I ♥ it too!

    @ Rachel Joy LOL, yes we were faking it. I am happy that you found it convincing though :) It was the easiest impromptu costume ever. We were only married for 2 months and the questions about babies kept coming up so I decided to have fun with it! I used a fanny pack and a pillow to create the effect. The funny part is that my hubby didn't notice at first that I had a huge belly - lots of laughs that Halloween :)

  4. After being pregnant, I wonder why I ever put a pillow under my shirt, lol. I think if I did that now my husband would pass out from anxiety.

  5. Love the penguin costume! Super cute!

    People always ask about babies when you get married. Then they ask about more babies when have a newborn. I got pregnant when Noah was three months old just to shut everyone up!! lol j/k.

  6. @ Lindsay The penguin costume was a hit!

    I hear you about the baby questions...since our guy turned one we've been getting it all over again. Everyone now wants to know when we are giving little man a sibling...You're brave for going for it so soon! Since I am of "advanced" maternal age - pressure is on.


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