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Kids Do The Darndest Things...

As you may know, I am a fairly new mommy. My husband an I have been loving every moment learning about life as first time parents.  We are amazed, amused, and enjoy all of our sons antics.  He really is quite a character.  Even at the tender young age of 12 months his personality is quite entertaining!  Last weekend, our Whirlwind Weekend, we celebrated his first birthday. With a venue full of children of all ages we survived without any meltdowns, stranger anxiety freak-outs, kid fights, injuries, or diaper disasters.  We had a successful first birthday party for our little guy.  Kids really do "do the darndest things"! Finding ways to throw off expectations of adults...With over 20 kids you would kind of expect something to go awry.  Nope. Everyone behaved!

Total Concentration - Ignoring Mommy's call for his attention!
When it came time to open gifts we thought that our son would be super excited to tear through the brightly colored packages to reveal the hidden contents.  Well, apparently not our guy! Our silly little thinks that he's a mini daddy.  Opting for grown up toys rather than his presents!  He has been fascinated with his daddy's tech gadgets from day one.  Anything that daddy is in to - our guy takes interest in:  remote controls, cell phones, gaming consoles, camera equipment, computer name it.  Now don't get me wrong, he does enjoy "kid" things:  watching Elmo, LOVED the balloons at his birthday party, and plays with his toys (when dad's toys are not in sight).  But he surprised us by ignoring all of  the brand new toys that he received.  Even the sounds, bright colors, and super cute characters couldn't grab his attention!  It wasn't until the camera equipment was put away that he finally paid attention to his birthday loot!  It really was hilarious trying to pull his attention away from his father's tripod!  

Our Silly Little!


I hope that you'll share a "Kids Do The Darndest Things" moment with me!  I'm really excited for when our guy is talking more. I will surely do a blog post on "Kids SAY The Darndest Things" - stay tuned for that!


  1. He is seriously cute. Seriously. : )

  2. Yay his 1st birthday! :) A year went by faster than I thought...I guess thats what EVERYONE means when they say " goes by so fast." :)

  3. @ E @ Act Fast Chef & @ Lindsay Thanks Ladies! He gets his "Cute" from his daddy!

    @ cssolomon You're not kidding. That 1st year FLEW by!

  4. Your son is adorable. Your right, it goes by too fast. My baby is two in a few weeks. :( I am kinda sad but love his personality.


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