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The Start of My Life as Mom

In honor of my very first Mother's Day. . .

Quick Stats and mini stroll down memory lane:
  • I had just turned 39 when he was born.
  • He was born 1 day before his due date.  8 lbs 3oz and 22" long.
  • I labored at home for about 4 - 5 hours.  We really should have left the house much sooner than we did but I insisted that my husband clean the bathroom where my water broke because I didn't want to come home to that.
  • I had my eyes closed the whole ride to the hospital, concentrating on my breathing because the urge to push was so strong. I made my hubby run a red light (Just GO!) and then he PASSED the hospital.
  • I was already at 8cm when we got to the hospital. I had my first ever wheelchair ride up to triage followed by my first ever gurney ride. They were RUNNING me up to the elevator to the delivery room - it was funny as they were so frantic that we crashed a couple of times.  I was in good spirits luckily and joked with the nurses.
  • I gave birth wearing the tank top I came in with (no time to change into a gown).
  • My birth plan said no epidural but I got scared asked for one. I changed my mind back to no epidural since they said I was already at 10 cm. I was shocked that the worst of it had passed and I was OK. 
  • HOWEVER, after a joyous medical intervention-free birth: the placenta did not completely detach. After waiting with still no results the doctor feared hemorrhaging so in the end intervention was necessary (and PAINFUL).
  • I did not change a single diaper during our hospital stay. My husband never left my side and took care of the diapers so that I could rest.

One day I'll write my full birth story but for now a quick recap should do.

Happy Mother's day all and THANK YOU to God and my hubby for making a Momma's dream come true.  To our son: We love you.


  1. Awww, so sweet! Congrats on your first Momma's Day ~ welcome to the club :) It's a pretty sweet ride (mostly)

  2. @ mombo880 Thank you for the welcome! I got my ticket to ride a little later than most, but thrilled all the same! I'm joining the "other" club in a couple of weeks. The 40 club!

  3. What a wonderful hubby you have for staying and changing all those diapers. A 4-5 hour first labor?! Wow. And 1 day before due date too - lucky. My first labor was 24+ hours and 3 weeks overdue! My 2nd was much shorter, 2-4 hours, 10 days overdue (I kept telling the doctor, "They aren't cooked yet. They'll come out when they're done." (-:
    Happy mother's day! (-:

  4. Happy 1st Mother's Day. Wishing you a beautiful day today and everday!

  5. Happy Mother's Day...You have a beautiful blog.I miss those days when my children were so little.

  6. Hi Cynthia! Hope your first Mother's Day Celebration was as awesome as you are!

  7. Miranda http://imentalmommy.blogspot.comMay 10, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Oh my goodness!! First time baby 8 lbs?! Wow! Many props to you! I labored for 14 hours my first time....but I slept for 12 of them, hahhahhaha. Happy late Mother's day to you!! I hope that it was special. And THANK YOU for stopping by!

  8. Happy first Mother's Day to you. :-)


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