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Whew...What a Weekend!

My Weekend Recap

Surprise 40th birthday party for my brother in law. It was a happy celebration. However, eating a veggie burger at a BBQ joint was a slight bummer.  We made up for it with ice cream cake.

I actually had time to clean my house.  I mean really clean, not just tidy up. First, I took my son out for a walk. I have to tell you all that I love my go-to, no-fail nap trick! It works every time. Bonus:  I get to have a great workout.  I "wear" him while I walk so I have a 20 lb "weighted" walk. We bond. He falls asleep. I get a great workout + fresh air + sunshine. Win-win.  After our walk I asked my husband to lie down beside him since he naps much longer that way. I wasn't too surprised to find that hubby ended up napping also.  I should have taken a photo.  As they napped I had a full 2 hours of uninterrupted cleaning time.Yay! The Shocker: I want to do more!

Church with my 2 guys.  We are there every Sunday but this was our son's first Palm Sunday Mass. To see him raise his palm frond along with the entire congregation was heartwarming.  He blew flying kisses to the people near us during the Rite of Peace - they couldn't help but come up to him.  He kept waving to them after. He is such a charmer. Just like his daddy. to a spa day with my 2 sister in laws (hubby's side). We had massages in the afternoon followed by lunch with the whole family.  While the mommies were "spa-ing" the daddies had all 6 boys!  No injuries.  Woo-hoo.  Imagine that:  6 (very active) boys with 3 dads in charge. 3 boys still in diapers...

Your turn! What did you all do this weekend?


  1. Moved my parents and scrubbed carpets at 9 'o clock on a Saturday night..because I am old...I mean awesome..

  2. OMG when I read:"I love my go to, no fail nap truck" - I READ: "I love my go to, no fail NIP TUCK."

    Okay, wow. That was telling! PS: Have not had any plastic surgery nor am I considering it but this does not mean I'm not worried. (-: LOL
    PS: Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Find me on Twitter and I'll add you! I'm AdoTheMomalog (isn't that a terrible Twitter name?)

  3. I like cleaning too, once I get going. It's the starting part that I am not so good at.

    I am jealous of your spa time. How fabulous! I'm also impressed with your lack of injuries.

    I came home from some errands over the weekend. My daughter had a huge welt type injury from the swing and the baby had a mystery injury on his finger. That was a good day. :)

  4. @ Lindsay If you're old, then I'm ancient! Pre-historic even! LOL. Yes, you're awesome!

    @ Ado Funny! I fear any painful procedures so no nip tuck for this girl! You're welcome - I love comments (both giving & receiving). I'm still not much of a Twitter-er but did notice I'm "on the list"! Woo-hoo. Thanks!

    @ Grumpy Grateful Mom I'm with you - starting can be tough! Once I'm there, I love it! Trust me, spa time doesn't come around enough! It was my first since my bachelorette weekend getaway in Palm Springs (3 years ago)! The non injury afternoon shocked me too! Thanks for stopping by.

    Have an awesome weekend Ladies!



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