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Friday, April 8, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mommy needs a time out! While I am absolutely loving being a Mom and all of the joys that go along with motherhood... I could greatly benefit from a few relaxing moments to myself.  While our son naps I would love to be able to go out onto our veranda and just sit. OK, I'll admit it now:  I'd be blogging...but at least getting fresh air and a touch of vitamin D at the same time! I would love to create a sanctuary for myself that would allow me to do just that.   My husband has his "man room" (I think most guys do).  Transforming some of our outdoor living area to "mommy's space" sounds like a fair trade to me.  I have found a few ideas for my "time out" corner.  I've included a picture above that shows the look and feel that I am attempting to achieve.  At Pier 1 I know that I could find just the perfect patterns for the seat cushions!  I've browsed online a bit but could use a trip to the store to see, touch, & feel (you know that I will want to sit on the cushions for a test run) the beautiful fabrics!  We do have great weather here in San Diego so I would be able to enjoy my space for more than just the spring & summer months!  I'm picturing my future blog spot now...I'll need to stretch out once in a while so I'm thinking maybe a chaise lounge or a papasan chair?  Not sure though.  What looks more comfy to you?  I think I'm leaning toward the papasan!  It would be so easy to bring this indoors.  I could easily find a cozy place in our house for this piece and cuddle up with my honey or little one!  Decisions, decisions!

I would want to accessorize a bit.  Thankfully, there are not too many bugs where we live so I don't know if citronella candles would be necessary, but I thought the lamps were cute (not to mention inexpensive).  I think the lanterns would look nice too.  I can't really decide between the battery operated paper lanterns or the sunburst glass lanterns. Yet more decisions!  Having so many choices is a wonderfully confusing thing isn't it?  I still haven't browsed through the indoor/outdoor rugs yet, but am very excited to check those out in person.

The wall sconces from the very top photo are petty but I am paranoid if the flame is not contained so I think I will go a different route.  Who needs candles on a sunny spring or summer day?!  Well...You do know that I am thinking of sharing a few summer nights out there with the husband (sure I'll share my "she-sanctuary" once in a while)....a glass of wine, some candle sleeping soundly.  I wonder if my husband reads my blog?  If so...Honey....It's project time!  After all....Mother's Day is around the corner (My very 1st one at that)!  Not to mention my 40th birthday. Hint-Hint.  Well....I may be doing this renovation project for myself since my husband is already planning a fabulous getaway for my big 40 celebration.If you live in New York City or plan on visiting check out this link: Pier 1 Tweetups

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  1. Way to go mama! Exactly what you deserve a time-out mommycave. I love the first photo- the cove style chairs... very lounge like.

    My outdoor seating area (the adult side) is Pier1 furniture- I wish I would have gone more modern... but I am such a candle person winter, summer, spring and fall.

  2. @mommysankey I am so excited to set myself up! I am dreading having to clean up what is there now! Me too! Love, love, love ♥ candles! Paranoid about safety now though now since our little one is so into everything these days!

  3. Hey Cynthia! I see you have done the Pier 1 review too!! lol, I just did mine from Social Spark. I just joined and this is my first one, just wondering how it was working out for you. I am new to the whole "paid" part of blogging so I think I have a lot to learn!

  4. @ mombo880 I am a newbie as well. I enjoy blogging & shopping so Pier 1 was a great fit! I really wanted to do something with my patio so the timing was great! I have had a few other opps but they didn't really fit with what I like to write about so I passed. Good for you! It is very exciting, rewarding, and I can hardly wait to check out your post!


  5. If anyone is interested, check out my post: Blogging Adventures Sign up by using the link to use me as your referral.

    Good Luck all!



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