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Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Sometimes I just don't know anymore!  I am a mommy to an infant but I am no stranger to studying and helping with homework.  I have been an active participant in my eldest niece's life since birth. I was in the delivery room.  I was there at her first dance recital, her first trip to urgent care, and her first day of kindergarten.  I thought that through her I was exposed to a bit of what motherhood may be like.  Reality check:  Not even close! Being "Auntie" is a totally different ball game!  I have learned a valuable thing or two.  Did you know that they give kids homework as early as kindergarten?!  I've been helping my niece with her homework from time to time throughout her schooling. My niece is now in the 5th grade.  She will be entering middle school next fall.  Her workload with homework is not a small task.  It has been fun but I'll admit that I've been stumped with some of her 5th grade level work!  I am college educated and in my own mind would like to classify myself as a learned individual.  I think that I will be suitable as a tutor and study partner for a few more years - but quite honestly I believe in the "use it or lose it" theory.  Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus - I don't know about you but I don't brush up on any of this for fun nor do I use it in my everyday life!  Will I be of any help when she is at the point where she is studying for the SAT or ACT?!  I really don't know.  I've already looked into available resources.  Not only for my niece but for our young son. It's never too early to prepare.  I have a few friends in the education field and with budget cuts and increased class sizes I wonder if the kids will get enough one on one time - if any at all - with their teachers.  My sister in law is a librarian and major cuts are being done there as well.  Kids won't have as much access to public libraries.  With the combination of lack of funding for libraries and cuts in our schools - do kids even have a chance to learn?  Crowded classrooms & teachers without proper support and resources sounds bleak. I have found a few "learning centers" in our area but I most impressed with StudyPoint.  I was surprised to learn that they have programs for as early as Kindergarten. Even though I think I am capable of covering at least their elementary school years it's good to know that help is out there.  Should my husband and I have more than one child and if I continue to work outside of the home - I just don't know how effective I will be in helping with homework.  Sometimes a work weary parent isn't the best choice for this important task! This program covers K- 12 and offers test preparation for SAT & ACT. What really sold me is that they offer one-on-one in-home programs. I'd prefer our kids to be at home rather than dropped off at a study center.

I know that I'm a long way off before I have cause to worry but I wanted to know what more experienced parents thoughts are.  Have you ever helped your kids with their homework and find yourself feeling like you have mush for brains? Are you & your child too tired after a long workday and school day? Is there time for studies after extracurricular activities? How does your family handle homework? 

I have to end this blog post NOW because my mind is now flooded with premature worries! Private school or public?  How to save enough money for educational expenses?  Inappropriate behavior from teachers/coaches?  Bullying in schools?  Drugs in schools? Sexting?!


  1. I have a 5th grader who's had a bumpy road, and it's been a learn as you go process. She's done private school and is now in public school. We are now in an excellent public school system, I think that's what has made all the difference with her grades and happiness.

  2. @ Lindsay Thank you for your input. I think you are absolutely correct (and what a comfort) that it's a "learn as you go" process. I have a LOT to learn that is for sure. I'm glad to have access to the blog community for advice, support, & encouragement! I'm glad that your girl is happy - I don't think that school (esp. at an early age) should be stressful.

  3. My oldest will be entering school the coming year and I too worry from time to time how she will manage... I get overwhelmed thinking about it!


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