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Nail Salon Stories

Does anyone have any nail salon horror stories? Did you know that you can get staph infections & possibly HIV from a mani-pedi? I'm not sure of the actual data, but even the tiniest likelihood causes concern for me!

Check out this article Dirt Alert! Five Signs of an Unsanitary Nail Salon .  It makes me think twice about booking my next appointment!

My Nail Salon Story:
I don't have any grossly horrific stories to tell.  I used to often wonder though: Am I being gossiped about in front of my face?  OK we are all the victim of gossip every once in a while.  But do you tip someone to do it to your face?  I guess that it's better than behind your back, right?

Whenever I do go into the the nail salon, the common question after "what color"  is ALWAYS what my ethnicity is. Maybe just small talk?  Once the manicurist confirm that I of a differing ethnic background.  The chatter begins! I end up feeling "talked about" - one of these days I'll have to learn so I know what is being said!   Perhaps not probable, but that's sure what it feels like.  I thought that maybe it was just me.  After talking to a few other friends about it,  I found some that have encountered similar experiences.  Culture & language is wonderful.  I myself am bilingual.  Early on our parents taught us that it is rude to speak in a language that is not understood by all that are present.  Just as whispering into someone's ear can also be construed as rude (depending on the scenario).

The first few times I found the loud talking, laughing, and "chatter" annoying.  I was there after all to RELAX and be pampered.  I've gotten used to it to some degree.  I shouldn't be complaining as they do have tough day to day job.  In any case, I could not (would not) be able to do pedicures for a living.  Feet - other than my own - gross me out.  You couldn't pay me enough to do it.

I'm looking forward to reading your nail shop stories!


  1. The day after I went to a salon for a mani/pedi i read the artical about infections and your salon... pretty scary. I vowed NEVER to visit another salon especially sice my last trip left me feeling a little uneasy and in pain. I recently wrote a post about my nail salon experience...

    ~Surviving Motherhood.

  2. @ mommysankey Thanks for sharing! I read your post and pictured it so vividly! The way you write is so descriptive that you made me feel like I was in the salon right next to you!



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