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Lesson Learned - What it "Taut" me

I'm sure that I cannot be the only woman that has eagerly tried many different products during pregnancy.  I have spent a few bucks on things that I thought might help with my pregnancy and post pregnancy.  Items that claim to help.  From creams, lotions, and oils for stretch marks (I escaped without one single stretch mark) body pillows for comfort and bras to hoist up the ever expanding boobies- you name it. I tried it. Some items I loved.  Some I felt indifferent about. Some - (just a few) I found to be a total waste of money.  I always give my honest view on any product that I take time to mention on my blog. If you know me and have read me for any length of time you know that I will sing praises on things I love and be open about things I dislike.  All in all, in the end it is just my personal experience & opinion so take from it what you will.

The one item that I am most disappointed with is the Tauts Post Pregnancy Wrap by Brooke Burke.  I saw her product featured on an episode of The Doctors and it seemed like a good idea. Plus - have you seen Brooke's bod?  Yeah.  Her endorsement sold me. Once in a while we are all suckers for something too good to be true.
I ordered and used the product as directed. It had the proper fit but it was very uncomfortable. The Velcro didn't grasp well, so every movement caused it to come loose.  It would bunch and bind and quickly lost it's form.  A total waste of money in my very honest opinion. 

The damage:

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Baboosh Body Unisex Exercise Wrap 
Size Small
BBODY1 1 $42.95
Tauts Nude Pure 
Size Medium
TAUTNP3 1 $56.00
Subtotal $98.95
Discount (MOM) -$32.95
Shipping & Handling $10.71
Tax $9.65
Grand Total $86.36

The damage could have been worse. $32.95 worse if I didn't use the coupon code.  They were running a promo at the time I made my purchase so I also bought the Exercise Wrap.  I have not tried that product yet but will post a review and let you know how that will fare. You never know, I may end up loving that part of my purchase.

Any other self admitted suckers that have purchased useless items?  Please warn us all now. Thank you.

Lesson: Ask someone you know and trust before wasting your hard earned cash. I could have used this towards my favorite yoga studio instead! Lesson learned. Lesson learned.

*The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. I did not receive compensation and do not represent this company in any way.


  1. Oh I know how you feel. I HATE it when I realize I have just wasted my money on a bad product. I borrowed my friends spanx for a wedding and I thought it did a really good job smoothing me out :) I mean it feels like you've been puting it on for 1/2 an hour, but all in all I was pleased. Have a good weekend!

  2. @cssolomon Right?! Wasting money sucks! That's why when I find something great, I can't help but tell everyone I know about it! Have a good weekend too Mama!


  3. I try not to be a sucker but if you come to my door to sell something? I feel bad for you and I'll buy it. I bought this organic green cleaning solution. It doesn't clean ANYTHING and I paid $40 for it. *smh* Such a loser.

  4. @ heidi You're funny! I could probably write a ton of blog posts and dumb stuff that I've bought! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. In my neck of the woods we don't get any door to door folks - good thing! I bet that $40 sale made their day - so there's still good in that. You are much too nice! Cynthia

  5. Sorry to hear that Cyn. Did you wear it right after birth? I remember when she first came out with it, it was to shrink the stomach while the uterus was still shrinking. I looked into before but it was after I already had Kameron. I had the impression it was for right after birth. And does look quite uncomfortable.

  6. @ Life.Love.Inspire Hi Mel, I brought it to the hospital with me even! My hospital stay was 2 days but I didn't use it until day 3 when I was at home. I followed the directions, and the fit was correct but it quickly lost it's shape and velcro power! I wore it anyway as directed - the concept is great & I understand how the product could work but the quality was just not there. I'm glad it worked for her though!


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