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Best Kept Secret - One of Many

Is there a little something - a tip that you have kept as your own little secret that you'd like to I can convince you to share?

It's been a while since I've posted anything as topics just haven't been coming to me as free flowing as I would like.  I've been caught up with work, fighting off a cold, being a mommy and wife, trying to lose a pound or two (or 7) etc.  I'm sure you all know the drill.  I had my light bulb moment and felt in the sharing mood.  There are a few things that I've learned in my 39 years of life that may seem trivial but may benefit another individual all the same. SO... I've decided to share ONE of my very many "hat tricks".  I guess we tend to hoard our precious little secrets because if word gets out life may suck.  No really, I don't know why we don't all shout from the rooftops all of the things that we learn to help each other out.  Hmm....I guess that I've just kept my opinions to myself.  Too bad, this is my forum to spew what I wish.

Once upon a time I lived in high heeled shoes.  I rarely wore flats.  I've recently become "Mommied" and throughout my pregnancy I LIVED in flats.  First off, I am not the knee high wearing sort.  I have tried every "no show" sock on the market and hated every one.  They fit oddly and are not comfy.  From my experience there is no such thing as a "no show sock" .  IF you know of one, please share!  Those darned things peek out of every flat I own.  To me it's as annoying as panty lines. Or even worse: a peek-a-boo thong. Even WORSE than that: the visible muffin top over hang or butt show from ill fitted low rise jeans.  Yes, I dislike "no show" socks that "show" quite a bit!  What I hate even more than the "no show"-show is going barefoot in a flat. It grosses me out.

I did stumble upon the best invention EVER for a flat wearer. Here is the secret that I will only share with YOU.  This was my "must have" discovery that made my flat wearing tolerable: Kiwi Select Fresh Ins Ultra Thin Shoe Inserts.  They are super thin and lightly fragranced (but not obnoxiously so). You just slip them into your flats and throw them out.  Just replace when necessary. The package recommends up to 5 days depending on usage.  No fuss, no muss, no sweaty feet feeling. It's barefoot, but NOT.

*The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. I did not receive compensation and do not represent this company in any way.


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