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April 1 - April Fool?

I am not kidding. I will do this: No Joke I am going to work out every day until May from here on.
I hope that I can push myself.  Anyone wanna push me?



  1. You can do it!!! :) Keep us posted!

  2. Good Luck on your goal. Keep us posted. Blogging about your goals can be a very powerful tool- keep you motivated.

    Now if it would only work for me.

  3. Thank you ladies! As determined as I am...Murphy's Law had poke it's head into my plans...I am sidelined with a cough and cold. A mild one, thankfully. I think with the rest that I have been getting by not being up and online into the wee hours has helped tremendously. On the up side being a little sick has taken off another 2 lbs. We are almost there! @mommysankey I agree, putting things in writing and posted up on a blog can help keep you feeling accountable, plus the extra cheering squad is such a strong motivator - thank you cssolomon & mommysankey!

  4. Here you go: PUSH! (-: I need myself a push too. Maybe a shove, really.
    Good luck.

  5. @Ado Thanks for the push...I think I am in need of a kick in the ass instead. Pushing & shoving may not be enough! Cynthia

  6. You bet you can do it! How's it going so far???

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend... and keep us posted on your progress!

  7. @Jennifer You're sweet! Thank you. Not going too well exercise-wise as I am getting over a cold. BUT I did lose a couple of lbs just from being sick. Looking forward to being able to breathe without coughing. Once I'm well I will have to double up on my efforts. Cynthia


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