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 July 2016

Hi. I'm Cynthia. Welcome to my personal blog. My family and I live in San Diego CA. Some of my interests include Fashion & Style, Health & Fitness, Food, Events, and Family Travel.  I love learning new things and sharing it with anyone who takes the time to read my blog!  I enjoy making friends along the way and have made some great connections at blogging events!

Marriage 2008

Motherhood 2010
I am somewhat of a "late bloomer".  I was the last of my friends & family to marry, the last to enter parenthood, and the last to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!  I was Engaged at age 37, Married  at age 38, and "Mommied" at age 39.  I love being married.  I love being "mommied".  I love blogging all about it.

With all of life's transitions I'm finding blogging to be a great way to speak my mind, make new friends, and to learn a wonderful thing or two.

I am living, learning, and loving social media.

Hubby & I are both employed in the accounting field as our "day job". We both blog and find our creative outlets online.  I am fortunate that hubby is an event photographer & videographer.  I can usually book him for event coverage! As of February 2014 hubby made a career change after a brief stint as a stay at home dad. He is now a video editor for our local news station. Exciting!

We are parents to a  6 year old boy. He LOVES his school, teachers, and classmates! He is a budding athlete and enjoys art, video games, and YouTube. He is a great kid who eats (and likes) veggies! This kid learned to slam dunk before his 6th birthday.

(Random) Music to my ears: I love the sound of my son & hubby when the are laughing and playing together, hearing these words: "You do NOT look 45", and the very rare absence of sound...the complete silence when everyone falls asleep...the few sweet little moments BEFORE hubby starts to snore.

2014: A recent family picture taken at Disneyland! We plan on a return visit very soon!
2015: A quick family snapshot after Church

Thank you for your visit and welcome to my life. Registered & Protected

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